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Best Selling Albums

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New sheet music albums

We are now selling our most popular selections of violin and cello duets in themed albums at a bargain price. Each album – Six Great Folk Tunes, Six Great Broadway Songs, Six Great Baroque Tunes and Six Great Romantic Tunes – contain the scores and individual parts of all six pieces, and is priced so that you can buy four arrangements for the cost of six.

About the arrangements

Every arrangement has been imaginatively written to bring the character of the music to life and the tunes are shared between the instruments. This is an excellent way to get to know some wonderful repertoire.

Playing string orchestra music by heart

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The link below shows a marvellous performance of the waltz movement of Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings by a chamber ensemble called A Far Cry.


This performance brings the dance character to life wonderfully well  and the group are playing by heart, which can give  an added sense of freedom as long as you are experienced enough to feel confident.  A Far Cry clearly is, and the results speak for themselves.

Fab string music performances!

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Great string playing
It is hard not to admire the stunningly vibrant performance of Bach’s Double Violin Concerto by Rachel Podger and Andrew Manze at the Proms a few years ago (see the last movement in the link below)


About the playing
Their interpretation is of full of energy and the different styles of the two soloists adds to the vitality. I also love the fact that this is a robust, romantic version of Bach played on ‘modern’ string  instruments.




Cello Duets You Can Buy Nowhere Else

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The cello duo sheet music repertoire has always been surprisingly small, so we’ve decided to expand it. Our newly created cello duos are based on our violin and cello sheet music arrangements and are intermediate to advanced in standard.
Why Cello Duets?
Cello duets are extremely enjoyable to play and can be great fun in lessons, giving the pupil an opportunity to play chamber music with an experienced professional. Many of our arrangements use col legno, pizzicato, double stopping, l.h.pizz or harmonics to enhance the character of the music.Both instruments share the tunes and are evenly matched.

The Repertoire
We are now selling ten sheet music cello duets: Charpentier’s Te Deum and Monteverdi’s Chiome d’Oro from the baroque era, the passionate and romantic Toreador Song and Habanera from ‘Carmen’, three folk songs – Lilliburlero, A Lark in the Clear Air and My Love is like a Red, Red Rose , Jerome Kern’s Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man, and Your Tiny Hand is Frozen from La Boheme and Non Piu Andrai from The Marriage of Figaro.

About the Music
All of these tunes work beautifully on the cello and are intermediate in standard. Your feedback is very welcome, so if you have ideas for new cello duo repertoire or would like to let us know what you think, just email at info@fedorastrings.com

Buy Jerome Kern’s String Duets Here!

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Jerome Kern’s music is now out of copyright and today we have added five violin and cello duet arrangements of his music to our website.Love, in its many moods, is the theme for all but one of these songs; the exception is Pick Yourself Up – a delightful, confidence-boosting piece of positive thinking.YOu can buy the music at our shop by clicking here:
Why this is a dream to play 
From a string player’s point of view Kern’s music has great fluidity of line which makes it easy to phrase, and it also has a joyful sense of abandon which is ideal for romance. Jerome Kern himself, however, was very down to earth and declared himself nothing more than a “ musical clothier – I write music for the lyrics and situations in plays.”  Luckily for us  his classical training, craftsmanship and empathy for mood have ensured his music sounds as spontaneous and effortless today as it did 100 years ago.

Jerome Kern in Hollywood

New Violin and Cello Duet Sheet Music – The Lark in the Clear Air

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Our latest sheet music arrangement is one of my favourite folk songs – The Lark in the Clear Air – and this warm-hearted, tender tune is ideal for wedding ceremonies.

The beauty of string sound…
Anyone who has heard The Lark Ascending by Vaughan William will know that the violin is excellent at evoking bird flight, and we have exploited this in the arrangement, which is calm and gentle and shares the tune between both instruments.


the words of the song…
Dear thoughts are in my mind
And my soul soars enchanted
As I hear the sweet lark sing
In the clear air of the day
For a tender beaming smile
To my hope has been granted
And tomorrow she shall hear
All my fond heart would say

…and the beauty of the Irish countryside
For me it’s no surprise that this music originates in Ireland, and when you hear this song it’s easy to imagine walking in the Irish countryside thinking only good things…

Famous Violin and Cello Duets for Sale

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We’ve just added two famous baroque pieces to our sheet music shop: Charpentier’s Te Deum and Pachelbel’s Canon. Both are the most renowned works their respective composers wrote. The Te Deum is gloriously exuberant while the Canon is more reflective and a harmonious example of polyphony at its best.

Baroque music is so brilliant!
Both these works are superb examples of baroque music which, with its skilful elaboration, manages to create order and beauty out of complication in a truly life-affirming way! When you think how comparatively tough things must have been for the average person in the 17th and 18th century it’s extraordinary that so much of their music is wonderfully  celebratory. Exactly why this is I don’t know, but this music is a joy to play and ideal for recitals and wedding ceremonies.

New Violin and Cello Duet Sheet Music Coming Soon!

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We’re in the process of editing more of our violin and cello duets to sell in our sheet music shop. The new violin and cello duets will start to be added in around four weeks’ time and are mostly of well known baroque and classical pieces.  But especially excitingly, Jerome Kern’s music is now out of copyright and we can sell our violin and cello duet versions of some of his most popular songs such as Pick Yourself Up, Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man, I Won’t Dance, Long Ago and Far Away and Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. We’ve recorded all of these on our cd Moonlight and Music and they include ricochet bowing, col legno, slides and soaring melodies – many in the cello part.
What was Jerome Kern like?
Jerome Kern was a small, enthusiastic man with a tremendous amount of nervous energy. He studied classical composition in Europe and America and had a more thorough technical and artistic background than many of his colleagues in the same field.
Despite being one of America’s best known composers of light music he was impressively modest and once told an admirer: “The fact that the theatre going public likes my music is no credit to me. There are many other composers who write better music that the public doesn’t like.”
Romance and lyricism
His natural feel for lyricism and his ability to express romantic sentiments with his harmonies made his songs instantly popular, and their lyrics are easy to empathise with.You can buy our versions of his songs here:


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For quite a long time I have been incorporating improvisation into my cello teaching – occasionally with almost miraculous results; but I had no idea where to begin when it came to improvising on the piano. A lesson with Lucinda Mackworth Young was a huge help: she showed me how simple piano improvisation can be and came up with many easy but effective ideas that have transformed my teaching and given me a strong basis to develop my own improvisatory approach .

A sense of freedom
Why is improvising such a good thing? It gives you freedom ( I always have an image of Mel Gibson in Braveheart when I say that word ).The classical music world is focused on perfection, and frankly it is so hard to play an instrument to the highest level that the effort involved can create a sense of inhibition and stress. While it’s true that there’s no substitute for regular hard work, it’s sad if this means you cannot look at your instrument without a feeling of joy in your heart.

How easy is it?
As with anything, the more you practise improvising the better you get. I also think that the more you are aware of how composers put things together – of the chords, modulations and intervals and how they affect your feelings – the more sensitive an ear you develop and the more you can ‘own’ your interpretation in performance.

Improvising helps with composition
Roger and I have often used improvisatory ideas in our violin and cello duets and we know from experience how this can suddenly bring a sheet music arrangement to life. Oh for the days of baroque music where pupils were taught to improvise from the very beginning and expected to do so live in performance.Lucinda Mackworth Young’s book – Piano by Ear – has just come out and is invaluable. It costs £12.99 and is available from Faber Music or Amazon.