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Sensuous sheet music for sale…

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You can now buy our arrangement of Monteverdi’s Chiome d’Oro (Golden Head of Hair) at our violin and cello duet wedding sheet music online shop here:
This lively and vibrant piece is one of Monteverdi’s erotic madrigals and is about the attractions of women and the effect they have on men. Here’s a translation of the opening words: “Golden head of hair, beautiful treasure, you entwine me in a thousand ways, whether bound or loose…”

About the music Our arrangement of Chiome d’Oro has lots of interplay in the parts. As with almost all baroque music, dynamics are not included so feel free to add your own. We have written out some suggested elaborations of the opening repeats and you could certainly do more if you wanted. The overall mood of the music is energising and happy.

About Monteverdi 
Monteverdi was  a successful and famous composer and he became a priest towards the end of his life. In this respect he bears a similarity to  his contemporary, the great English poet John Donne. If their paintings are accurate the two men looked remarkably alike when they were young.

New Violin and Cello Duet Sheet Music – The Lark in the Clear Air

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Our latest sheet music arrangement is one of my favourite folk songs – The Lark in the Clear Air – and this warm-hearted, tender tune is ideal for wedding ceremonies.

The beauty of string sound…
Anyone who has heard The Lark Ascending by Vaughan William will know that the violin is excellent at evoking bird flight, and we have exploited this in the arrangement, which is calm and gentle and shares the tune between both instruments.


the words of the song…
Dear thoughts are in my mind
And my soul soars enchanted
As I hear the sweet lark sing
In the clear air of the day
For a tender beaming smile
To my hope has been granted
And tomorrow she shall hear
All my fond heart would say

…and the beauty of the Irish countryside
For me it’s no surprise that this music originates in Ireland, and when you hear this song it’s easy to imagine walking in the Irish countryside thinking only good things…

Wedding ceremonies and receptions in Cambridgeshire: Bassmead Manor, St Neots

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Last week our string duo  played for a wedding reception at Bassmead Manor. It was the second time we’d played here in a week and it’s no surprise it’s popular: it’s an exceptionally pretty venue in the middle of the peaceful Cambridgeshire countryside with a lovely garden. The restored barns are on the site of a medieval moat and the  area has been designated  a listed monument  by English Heritage.

bassmead best

The weather was extremely hot and for much of the time we were playing outside , next to the river, in the shade of a tree and to the intermittent accompaniment of peacocks.


We began with our own sheet music arrangements of classical and baroque music, moving on to newer arrangements of lighter pieces such as Viva la Vida, Palladio, Paradise, One Day Like This and some Beatles songs. The groom had also requested an arrangement of She’s Always a Woman by Billy Joel.


It was good to play in a venue so full of history. We may not live long, but classical music will!


New cd recording session at Wadenhoe in Northamptonshire

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Last week Roger and I completed the first stage of our new cd recording. The cd will focus on folk music and,  like our first cd, will consist of our own  arrangements. In addition we’ll be selling the sheet music arrangements on our website as soon as we have time to edit them thoroughly. To buy our first cd click here http://www.fedorastrings.com/moonlight-and-music-cd-by-fedora-strings/

i love

We  have very generously been allowed  to use Wadenhoe Church in Northamptonshire again for our recording session and it’s a venue we’ve come to love: the surrounding scenery is beautiful and the acoustic  excellent, but more than this, the church  has a feeling of rightness, balance  and harmony which is hard to explain. In this way it reminds me of Bach’s music, and always helps me feel calm and regain  perspective – no bad thing when you’re about to embark on the stress of a recording session.

wadenhoeWadenhoe Church

In the morning we recorded six tracks of folk music: Londonderry Air, Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair, Over the Hills and Far Away, Lilliburlero, My Love is Like a Red Red Rose and Dance to Your Daddy. In the afternoon we continued with four pop tracks for our website: Eleanor Rigby, All You Need Is Love, One Day Like This and Songbird. Of course most of us know the names of the composers of the pop songs, but who wrote the traditional folk tunes ? Folk music is street music , so it’s very democratic, and perhaps its a surprise that so many of the songs are lovely. Or perhaps it shows that the need for expression is inherent for us all.

imagesItalian folk musicians

Free String Sheet Music Pop Arrangements

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One of the extras we are offering our customers this year is a free duo arrangement of a piece of music of their choice which can be played at their wedding ceremony – or at a party or event. Over the last year we’ve  added more and more  pop songs to our repertoire and most of these adapt excellently for string duo as they have long, flowing phrases. My favourites include Just The Way You Are by Billy Joel, Close to You by Burt Bacharach, Songbird by Christine McVie  and If You’re Not The One by David Bedingfield.

Music has a way of expressing feelings that is often more powerful and intense than words, and we are very committed to helping clients chose the piece which will fulfil their most romantic dreams of what they would wish their occasion to be.  We will be continuing to widen our selection of songs over the coming year with more and more sheet music arrangements as we play for events and recitals in Peterborough, Northampton and beyond, and are enjoying  playing different styles very much.

images (3)

Fedora Strings' Sheet Music Arrangements Are Now For Sale!

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You can now buy sheet music  of our string duo pieces: last week we launched a page on our website where four of our arrangements can be purchased. We decided to start by selling our versions of four of the works  we have made videos of –  Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, Summertime, La Cumparsita and Minuet and Trio –  and we hope to continue to add to the selection over the next few months.

As almost all the duo music we play is of our own arrangements we now have a  large repertoire, but it takes a surprising amount of time to translate these versions into completely accurate printed editions where everything has to be perfect. We tend to make so many changes as we rehearse that our own copies are full of changes and sometimes partly improvised.

The standard of the music is medium to difficult and you can hear all the arrangements  we are selling  by clicking on our  videos.

String duo arrangements of Beatles' music

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Today Roger and I have been rehearsing for a string duo engagement next week where we’ll be playing some arrangements  which are new to us. These include two songs by the Beatles: Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds and Eleanor Rigby. Although we both love classical music we’ve been enjoying the Beatles’ songs we now have in our repertoire. Many of them work well for string ensemble  and have long, lyrical lines which are ideal for the expressiveness of the violin and cello sound. My favourite is Yesterday but I also like the lightheartedness of  P.S. I Love You and Can’t Buy Me Love and  the dreaminess of Imagine. While rehearsing Eleanor Rigby I remembered noticing a statue of the same name when I was working in Liverpool a few years ago. It’s positioned on the side of a street in such a way that you almost think it’s a real person until you look more carefully. Who can’t identify with the searing loneliness that  affects so many people at some time in their life?   I think the music is successful in  creating the feeling of relentlessness and alienation that the words are  about and this arrangement of Roger’s has some tricky string crossing passages too.

A string duo arrangement of Widor's Toccata!

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Roger has just completed a string duo arrangement of the euphoric Widor Toccata. This famous composition was originally written for the organ and, by exemplifying all of that instrument’s specialist characteristics, it creates a mood of grandeur, emotion and manic energy. It’s often used as wedding ceremony music for the couple’s exit. Making it work for string ensemble is going to be a challenge, and as usual it’s technically demanding, but I can’t wait to try it at our next rehearsal.

Over the last few weeks I have finally worked out how to use Finale Print myself and have now completed four duo arrangements – Gabriel’s Oboe, Time of My Life, Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair and When I Make Love To You (Don’t Make Believe) – a 1950s pop song written by Heifetz under the name of Jim Hoyl, which I love because it’s so sentimental.

This means our repertoire is expanding faster than ever before which is ideal for customers and a joy for us. Have you ever wondered how many marvellous pieces of music there are in the world? There must be  as many as the stars…