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Our latest famous string duet arrangement – Una Furtiva Lagrima

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Our sheet music string duo arrangement of Una Furtiva Lagrima ( A Furtive Tear) is now available. This hauntingly beautiful tune is the most famous aria from Donizetti’s opera L’Elisir D’Amore  ( The Love Potion) and it seems incongrous that it comes from a comic opera as it  completely transcends its context.
The plot of the opera
L’Elisir D’Amore tells the story of a village boy called Nemorino who falls in love with  Adina. To win her affection he buys a ‘love potion’ from a visiting quack doctor – not realising that it only contains wine.
About our arrangement
In our arrangement the cello has the tune for a great deal of the time – reflecting the fact that it is a tenor aria. You can buy our duet of the aria here:

When arrangements are better than originals

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Can arrangements ever be better than the originals? The answer is undoubtedly yes;either because a performance is so outstanding or because the piece of music is just as effective with a different instrumentation. Jascha Heifetz’s violin versions of Deep River and White Christmas and Phillip McCann’s cornet playing in Count Your Blessings and Softly Awakes My Heart are just two performers whose interpretations are so expressive that the words of original songs are superfluous.
Softly Awakes My Heart aria from the opera Samson and Delilah by Saint Saens

Borodin’s Polovstian Dances sounds better in an orchestral version than with the original chorus, Rachmaninoff’s Vocalise works beautifully on the cello rather than sung; and Shostakovich’s String Quartet No 8 and Britten’s Simple Symphony both sound as good in their string orchestral versions as they do in quartet format, and were arranged by their respective composers.

However good the piece of music or the arrangement though, it needs vibrant interpretation to fully realise its potential. Here’s what Robert Donington has to say in his book A Performer’s Guide to Baroque Music: “ The baroque ideal was to depend on the individuality of the performer to fill out the implications of a sketchily notated text. Whoever took on the performance, whether he were the composer or not, took on responsibility not only for virtually the whole of the expression, but even for many of the notes.”

No pressure on the performer then….Most modern classical players would feel daunted at the thought that improvising was an essential part of their performance, but  this approach certainly encourages a healthy sense of  imaginative freedom.

Wedding receptions and ceremonies in Northamptonshire and Peterborough: St Mary the Virgin Church, Bozeat

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On Saturday our string duo played for a wedding ceremony in Bozeat in Northamptonshire. I hadn’t been to this village before, even though it’s relatively close to our Oundle base, and it dates from Saxon times; its unusual name probably means Bosa’s gate – Bosa being a local earl who owned lots of land a  long, long time ago.  The wedding took place in the  secluded St Mary the Virgin Church, which is as pretty and traditional as you would hope a village church might be.


We played a mix of classical and popular pieces as the guests arrived, interspersing  Can You Feel the Love Tonight, Palladio, Paradise, All You Need Is Love and Songbird with a selection of baroque music. The bride had requested  Bridal Chorus for her entrance, Moon River, Flower Duet and Somewhere ( from West Side Story) for the signing, and Viva la Vida as exit music. We also accompanied two hymns: Amazing Grace and Morning Has Broken – which, by chance,  is my own favourite. All of the pieces we performed were our own string duo sheet music arrangements.

There were around 70 guests and the sun came out to help celebrate  the ceremony.

Fedora Strings' String Duo Sheet Music Success

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We’ve been delighted that our sheet music sales are doing so well. We starting selling some of our Fedora Strings’ string duo arrangements on our website a couple of months ago and the music is being bought by customers from all over the world, including America, Japan, South Korea, China, Italy  and Spain. The most popular piece  is our arrangement of La Cumparsita, which seems to be everybody’s favourite tango and was written by Rodriguez. Its title means ” The Little Parade”.


It took us ages to edit the sheet music and scores to ensure that they were completely accurate but  it was well worth the work.The string duo repertoire is very limited and we constantly aim to use the full range of violin and cello effects when creating the arrangements. We hope to be selling more string duo sheet music soon.

String ensemble events in Northamptonshire: Shoe Heaven at Northampton Museum

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Last Friday night our Fedora Strings’  duo played for the Shoe Heaven event at Northampton Museum and Art Gallery. Northampton has the largest collection of shoes in the world and the examples on display ranged from the exquisite and historically fascinating (Nijinsky’s ballet shoes and Roman sandals looking as modern as anything you’d find in a shop today) to the macabre ( tiny shoes for Chinese women with bound feet which must have meant the wearer’s movement was cruelly limited.)


We’d been given a free choice of music to perform and Roger had arranged Elvis Presley’s Blue Suede Shoes for the occasion. We also chose appropriate lighter music such as Puttin’ on the Ritz, Let’s Face the Music and Dance and I Could Have Danced All Night which we followed with several Beatles’ numbers. We divided the playing into three sections: Light, Folk and Classical. Everything was our own sheet music arrangements for string duo and most of the pieces we can also play as wedding quartet music.

shoes 2

Some of the more bizarre shoe designs  were shaped so weirdly that it made me question the significance of shoes in general, apart from basic foot protection. While I certainly think it’s good if shoes are imaginative and attractive, they clearly mean more to women than they do to men. I once heard someone say that you can tell what a woman thinks about herself by observing the kind of shoes she wears. I doubt that that’s entirely true, but I bet no one would even suggest it about a man.

Fedora Strings' Sheet Music Arrangements Are Now For Sale!

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You can now buy sheet music  of our string duo pieces: last week we launched a page on our website where four of our arrangements can be purchased. We decided to start by selling our versions of four of the works  we have made videos of –  Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, Summertime, La Cumparsita and Minuet and Trio –  and we hope to continue to add to the selection over the next few months.

As almost all the duo music we play is of our own arrangements we now have a  large repertoire, but it takes a surprising amount of time to translate these versions into completely accurate printed editions where everything has to be perfect. We tend to make so many changes as we rehearse that our own copies are full of changes and sometimes partly improvised.

The standard of the music is medium to difficult and you can hear all the arrangements  we are selling  by clicking on our  videos.