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Wedding quartets in Cambridgeshire

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Last Saturday our string quartet played for a wonderful family wedding in Cambridgeshire. The ceremony had taken place in the local church and the wedding couple then arrived at the  garden of the bride’s family home by boat. As the bride  stepped on land we played her chosen piece: Meditation by Massenet.

The garden was very beautiful: immaculately tended and full of characterful features and hide away areas – the ideal garden of one’s dreams really. The family are classical music lovers and the bride asked us to select well known classics for the programme, and to include lots of Mozart and some Strauss waltzes. We played Mozart’s Divertimento in F, Eine Kleine Nacht Musik, Exultate Jubilate, Brahms Hungarian Dance, Italian arias, well known romantic pieces by Borodin, Verdi and Dvorak, and Strauss’s Blue Danube and Emperor waltz collections.

This was a large and extremely happy wedding celebration and it was extremely enjoyable to be part of the occasion and play string ensemble music which fitted  well into the surroundings and was so appropriate for the people involved.  We went home feeling  euphoric.


Wedding receptions and ceremonies in Northamptonshire and Peterborough: St Mary the Virgin Church, Bozeat

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On Saturday our string duo played for a wedding ceremony in Bozeat in Northamptonshire. I hadn’t been to this village before, even though it’s relatively close to our Oundle base, and it dates from Saxon times; its unusual name probably means Bosa’s gate – Bosa being a local earl who owned lots of land a  long, long time ago.  The wedding took place in the  secluded St Mary the Virgin Church, which is as pretty and traditional as you would hope a village church might be.


We played a mix of classical and popular pieces as the guests arrived, interspersing  Can You Feel the Love Tonight, Palladio, Paradise, All You Need Is Love and Songbird with a selection of baroque music. The bride had requested  Bridal Chorus for her entrance, Moon River, Flower Duet and Somewhere ( from West Side Story) for the signing, and Viva la Vida as exit music. We also accompanied two hymns: Amazing Grace and Morning Has Broken – which, by chance,  is my own favourite. All of the pieces we performed were our own string duo sheet music arrangements.

There were around 70 guests and the sun came out to help celebrate  the ceremony.

Wedding ceremonies and receptions in Cambridgeshire

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Last week our wedding string quartet played for a  reception at the home of the bridegroom’s parents – a beautiful house in Cambridgeshire. There were around 100 guests and we were booked to play for three hours to accompany drinks and the wedding breakfast. A spacious marquee had been set up in the garden and was attractively decorated with lighting that enhanced the happy, celebratory atmosphere.


The bride and groom had suggested we play mainly classical string ensemble pieces, focusing on baroque and romantic, and asked if we could finish with music from West End shows.   We started with selections from Handel’s Water Music, Vivaldi’ s Seasons and Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No 3  – all very popular – and moved on to include well known arias from Italian operas  and music by Tchaikovsky, Dvorak and Debussy. Our show selection featured songs  from Les Miserables, Oliver, Fiddler on the Roof  and West Side Story.

It was a lovely occasion. perhaps especially as the venue was so relaxed and personal, and it was a pleasure for us to perform the wonderful string quartet repertoire in such a delightful setting and with such an appreciative audience.

Wedding ceremonies and receptions in Peterborough and Northamptonshire: Marholm Church, Peterborough

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Last Friday our duo played for a wedding ceremony at St Mary the Virgin Church in Marholm, on the outskirts of Peterborough. The church is close to Helpston, home of the famous poet John Clare. Whenever I’m in this area I’m always reminded of Clare’s poetry and his gentle love of the countryside.

We had been asked to play as the guests arrived and during the ceremony. The music requested was classical – including the well known Pachelbel Canon and Morricone’s beautiful aria Gabriel’s Oboe – with some appropriate pop songs like Imagine, Close To You and P.S. I Love You. The bride chose the traditional Bridal Chorus by Wagner for her entrance and as there were several pageboys and bridesmaids we played the complete piece, which lasted around two minutes. For the signing the music selected was I’ve Had the Time of My Life, Can You Feel the Love Tonight and Songbird, and the exit music was All You Need Is Love, which we followed with Money Can’t Buy Me Love. We’ve found that usually three pieces are needed for the signing, which takes between five and seven minutes , and we’ve started playing two pieces for the exit so that the music continues until all the guests have left.
Some of the music was new to us on this occasion, but we are expanding our repertoire all the time and put a lot of imagination into creating our own string ensemble versions that enhance the expressive qualities of string instruments and add to the romance of the occasion. Overall this was a peaceful, countryside wedding in a traditional setting and the acoustics in the church were excellent.

Wedding ceremonies and receptions in Northampton and Rutland: Normanton Park Hotel

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Yesterday our string duo played wedding music at Normanton Church and Normanton Park Hotel in Rutland.  Both venues are  next to Rutland Water and the setting is extremely pretty. The ceremony took place at the church and we were asked to perform baroque and classical   pieces while the guests arrived; then Wagner’s Bridal Chorus for the bride’s entrance, This is The Day and My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose for the signing and All You Need Is Love for the exit;  we followed this with The Seeds of Love –  a traditional folk tune – to ensure that the music continued until all the guests had left.













The wedding then moved to the nearby Normanton Park Hotel and we had a break while the guests had drinks and the photos took place, and then played for two hours during the wedding breakfast. The bride and groom had asked if we could perform  pieces they especially liked on our playlist and these included our own arrangements of Yesterday, Imagine, Money Can’t Buy  Me Love, P.S. I Love You, Songbird, Close To You, Pachelbel’s Canon,  Air on a G String and  Moon River.  We had rehearsed the pop music quite a lot and listened to different You Tube performances to help decide on our own perception of the character of each song.











Overall the wedding was a very relaxed family occasion and we enjoyed having the opportunity to help make the occasion especially memorable.

Wedding ceremonies and receptions in Peterborough and Northampton: St John's Church, Peterborough

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St John’s Church is in the centre of Cathedral Square in Peterborough and it looks more impressive at the moment than it has for years. This is because the Corn Exchange building, which was nearby, used to hide much of its architecture. Luckily that building has recently been demolished and St John’s really shines now. This church dates from the 11th century  and lots of local concerts take place here because of its super acoustics. It also contains a lovely sculpture by the well known 18th century artist John Flaxman.









The bride’s walk down the aisle at St John’s is longer than in many churches and there’s plenty of room for all sizes of string ensemble for the wedding ceremony music: whether it’s solo, duo, trio or string quartet. In fact all members of Fedora Strings have frequently played in orchestral concerts here.

You can’t park directly outside the church, but there’s lots of nearby parking in all directions. And although St John’s position, in the centre of the city, means that a wedding here is likely to attract attention, it’s so much smaller and less grand than the nearby cathedral that it still manages to keep some feeling of intimacy.

Wedding ceremonies and receptions in Peterborough and Norfolk: King's Lynn Town Hall

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We recently played for a civil wedding ceremony at King’s Lynn Town Hall. It was the first time I had ever seen this building and I had no idea how impressive the architecture would be. The wedding took place in the stone hall: a 15th century room with magnificent wooden panelling including oak timbers on the ceiling. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing it was a pleasure to play here as wood usually creates an ideal resonance for string instruments.

We performed a mixture of classical and lighter music as the guests arrived and then  Pachelbel’s Canon for the bride’s entrance, ‘Til There Was You and a Bach Prelude during the signing, and Arrival of the Queen of Sheba as the couple left. All of these are popular pieces for wedding ceremony music and we have our own arrangements for wedding quartets, trios, duos and even solo. The stone hall seats 130 and the walk up the aisle was not very long, so we had agreed to jump from the start of  Pachelbel’s Canon to the bride’s favourite part to ensure we played it before she arrived at the front of the room. In fact it’s often the case that the bride’s entrance needs the shortest extract – frequently not more than 16 bars. As in this case, though, it’s usually easy to adapt music to make sure we play the notes which are the most well loved.

Wedding ceremonies and receptions in Peterborough and Northamptonshire: Marriott Hotel, Peterborough

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Our season of Spring weddings starts next week when we’re playing for a drinks’ reception and wedding breakfast at the Marriott Hotel in Peterborough. This is a popular, smart and modern wedding setting which we’ve performed at many times before and has the bonus of having all facilities on site. It also frequently hosts wedding fairs. The hotel is on the southern outskirts of the city, more or less in the countryside, which gives it a relaxed, open feel. It may be technically in Peterborough but it doesn’t feel like a city venue at all. There are 11 acres of grounds and wedding planners to help with the organisation and decoration.







From a playing point of view the modern design of the building means the sound tends to be little on the dry side, but this can be compensated for by ensuring you play with very relaxed bowing and plenty of vibrato. We’ll be performing a mixture of romantic, classical and light music next week, with many love songs included in the programme, and are looking forward to the occasion very much.

Wedding ceremonies and receptions in Peterborough and Huntingdon: Hinchingbrooke House and The Old Bridge Hotel

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Hinchingbrooke House and The Old Bridge Hotel, Huntingdon

If you walk round the centre of Huntingdon the past seems so close you almost feel you could touch it. This town was founded by the Anglo Saxons but it’s the Civil War that resonates the most. Oliver Cromwell was born and went to school in Huntingdon and was the town’s MP, and Charles1 rode into the courtyard of The George Hotel and captured Huntingdon from the Roundheads in 1645 on his way back to London after defeat at the Battle of Naseby.  Hinchingbrooke House is a magnificent building on the outskirts of the town and is the former home of the Cromwell family, so if you choose to hold your wedding here you can’t fail to be aware of a passionate history.

The building has been licensed for weddings and civil partnerships since 1995 and the rooms are beautifully decorated. There’s a large entrance hall which is well suited for a wedding trio or wedding quartet to play in and a choice of rooms for the ceremony and breakfast. We played for a wedding here recently and the couple chose Morricone’s Adagio for the bride’s entrance, Bach’s Prelude for unaccompanied cello for the signing and Handel’s Arrival of the Queen of Sheba as exit music.

For a comparatively more modern setting – though it’s still 18th century – the nearby Old Bridge Hotel in Huntingdon High Street does excellent food, is  licensed for weddings and has an elegant ambience.

Wedding ceremonies and receptions in Peterborough and Northamptonshire: St Peter's Church, Yaxley

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St Peter’s Church, Yaxley

St Peter’s Church inYaxley is a super choice for a wedding ceremony. The church is situated in the most serene and lovely part of the village. While the front faces the road, the back has a pastoral outlook with horses grazing in fields. I used to live in this village and  if I ever wanted time to think about things in peace I would walk to this spot, sit on the church wall and dream.

I’ve played at several wedding ceremonies at St Peter’s – both wedding quartets and  solo cello – and the church is fairly large and quite broad, so  there’s plenty of room  to accommodate all sizes of string ensembles as well as quite large numbers of guests. In fact the church has its own resident band who play for the Sunday morning services and has a raised platform which can be set up for musicians at the front, if requested.

St Peter’s  has an interesting history. One of its most touching aspects is the tribute inside the church to one of the prison officers of the former prisoner of war camp at Norman Cross. Although the camp was demolished long ago,  in the early 19th century it housed several thousand men and was situated just a couple of miles away. The officer mentioned had died young but was so respected and loved by the prisoners for his many kindnesses to them that they used their own money to have a remembrance stone created.

Like most churches the acoustic here is good – resonant and not too echoey – and has a very open feel to it. Being close to the A1 and Peterborough there’s also easy access to a wide range of reception venues afterwards.

  • St Peters Yaxley, 43 Church Street, Yaxley, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE7 3LH, Tel:01733 240339, Email:  vicar@saintpeters.co.uk