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Best Selling Albums

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New sheet music albums

We are now selling our most popular selections of violin and cello duets in themed albums at a bargain price. Each album – Six Great Folk Tunes, Six Great Broadway Songs, Six Great Baroque Tunes and Six Great Romantic Tunes – contain the scores and individual parts of all six pieces, and is priced so that you can buy four arrangements for the cost of six.

About the arrangements

Every arrangement has been imaginatively written to bring the character of the music to life and the tunes are shared between the instruments. This is an excellent way to get to know some wonderful repertoire.

Why Slides are Brilliant!

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Why slides are great
One of the joys of playing a string instrument is being able to slide. Is there any string player who has ever used this technique more excitingly and expressively than Jascha Heifetz? Just listen to the pure electricity in his inimitable performance of Deep River:


Another example of superb use of slides
Great singers use slides all the time to help phrase the line, and Jonas Kauffman’s singing below is a wonderful illustration of this:



Buy Brahms Violin and Cello Duet Sheet Music Here!

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We have just added Brahms’s Hungarian Dance no 1 in G minor to our online violin and cello duet wedding sheet music shop. Click here to go straight to our shop page:


About the Hungarian Dances
This is the first of a set of 21 Hungarian dances for various instrumental combinations which became the most profitable compositions Brahms wrote. This dance is ideal for wedding receptions and has luscious string tunes and lots of forward moving vitality, as you can hear in the orchestral version below:

Britten’s Greatest Work?

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Returning to the theme of superb string performances and repertoire –  some of Benjamin Britten’s most moving music has been written for string orchestra.  Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge is one of Britten’s greatest masterpieces.

More about the music
This work was composed when Britten was only 24, and it was inspired by his teacher Frank Bridge. The idea was that each of the variations would reflect a different side of Bridge’s personality. However, the writing transcends this formula and reveals Britten’s most vulnerable feelings. Even the apparently lighter variations – one of which is beautifully played below by the European Camerata – have such sensitivity they touch the heart:

Other music for strings
Britten writes superbly well for strings and knows how to exploit their strongest characteristics. His use of pizzicato, in both Simple Symphony (a lighter string orchestral work) and the Frank Bridge Variations often demands virtuosity – as can be seen in this performance by the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra:




Buy the happiest music in the world here!

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We have just published our violin and cello duet arrangement of Alleluia from Mozart’s Exsultate Jubilate. Is this the happiest music in the world? Maybe!  Mozart wrote it when he was only 17. Here’s the original orchestration:


This would be ideal for any wedding ceremony or reception. Click below to buy the music:




Our new arrangement of Tambourin by the revolutionary Gossec

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The latest string duet arrangement we are selling is Tambourin by Francois Joseph Gossec. Gossec was born in 1734 and became the favourite composer of Revolutionary France. Today he is most famous for Tambourin – a delightful piece which lifts the spirit, as you can hear in this vibrant flute and harp arrangement:

Our arrangement is fun to play
Tambourin  works brilliantly for violin and cello duet – you can buy the music by clicking here:

The link to the French Revolution
Who would ever guess that such a relaxed tune was written during the French Revolution or that Gossec’s compositions were loved by Robespierre?









Our new string duet arrangement of Bach’s most famous work

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We have just published our violin and cello duet arrangement of Air on a G String – perhaps Bach’s most famous work.
Creating this arrangement
This piece has been a challenge to arrange for string duet. Roger and I both tried writing versions but neither felt quite right, so we abandoned the idea. However, the problems somehow resolved themselves and Roger created the arrangement we are selling now which is beautifully balanced and calm. Click here to buy it on our Music Sales’ page…


…the original orchestral version is  below:


Playing string orchestra music by heart

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The link below shows a marvellous performance of the waltz movement of Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings by a chamber ensemble called A Far Cry.


This performance brings the dance character to life wonderfully well  and the group are playing by heart, which can give  an added sense of freedom as long as you are experienced enough to feel confident.  A Far Cry clearly is, and the results speak for themselves.

Fab string music performances!

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Great string playing
It is hard not to admire the stunningly vibrant performance of Bach’s Double Violin Concerto by Rachel Podger and Andrew Manze at the Proms a few years ago (see the last movement in the link below)


About the playing
Their interpretation is of full of energy and the different styles of the two soloists adds to the vitality. I also love the fact that this is a robust, romantic version of Bach played on ‘modern’ string  instruments.