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Our latest famous string duet arrangement – Una Furtiva Lagrima

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Our sheet music string duo arrangement of Una Furtiva Lagrima ( A Furtive Tear) is now available. This hauntingly beautiful tune is the most famous aria from Donizetti’s opera L’Elisir D’Amore  ( The Love Potion) and it seems incongrous that it comes from a comic opera as it  completely transcends its context.
The plot of the opera
L’Elisir D’Amore tells the story of a village boy called Nemorino who falls in love with  Adina. To win her affection he buys a ‘love potion’ from a visiting quack doctor – not realising that it only contains wine.
About our arrangement
In our arrangement the cello has the tune for a great deal of the time – reflecting the fact that it is a tenor aria. You can buy our duet of the aria here:

Wedding ceremonies and receptions in Peterborough and Northampton: St John's Church, Peterborough

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St John’s Church is in the centre of Cathedral Square in Peterborough and it looks more impressive at the moment than it has for years. This is because the Corn Exchange building, which was nearby, used to hide much of its architecture. Luckily that building has recently been demolished and St John’s really shines now. This church dates from the 11th century  and lots of local concerts take place here because of its super acoustics. It also contains a lovely sculpture by the well known 18th century artist John Flaxman.









The bride’s walk down the aisle at St John’s is longer than in many churches and there’s plenty of room for all sizes of string ensemble for the wedding ceremony music: whether it’s solo, duo, trio or string quartet. In fact all members of Fedora Strings have frequently played in orchestral concerts here.

You can’t park directly outside the church, but there’s lots of nearby parking in all directions. And although St John’s position, in the centre of the city, means that a wedding here is likely to attract attention, it’s so much smaller and less grand than the nearby cathedral that it still manages to keep some feeling of intimacy.

Choosing Music For Your Wedding

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Unless you known a fair bit about music it can be hard to choose pieces for your wedding ceremony. The most familiar classical tunes, such as Wagner’s Bridal Chorus or Pachelbel’s Canon, are of course excellent, which is why they’re so well known. Yet there’s plenty of other repertoire which is just as lovely but is used less frequently. Unless you’re already certain about what you want it’s worth spending time listening to different pieces on our website or on You Tube before making a decision.

Many traditional songs – such as Londonderry Air, Morning Has Broken, My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose, The Dark Island, Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair, The Lark in the Clear Air and Linden Lea – are extremely beautiful and ideal for the bride’s entrance or the signing. Equally appropriate are popular-style songs such as Moon River, What A Wonderful World and ‘Til There Was You; while Bach’s Prelude from the first unaccompanied cello suite or the slow movement from his Double Violin Concerto are a lovely choice for those wanting classical perfection.

For the couple’s exit the first movement of Mozart’s Divertimento in D, last movement of Divertimento in F, Vivaldi’s Sinfonia in G  and Grieg’s Wedding Day at Troldhugen are happy and exuberant, while the promenade from Mussorsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition and first movement of Stravinsky’s Pulchinella Suite are quite grand: similar in mood to the more familiar Arrival of the Queen of Sheba or hornpipe from The Water Music by Handel. If you prefer folk music, traditional reels like The Dancing MasterFisher’s Hornpipe or Molly on the Shore are fun; or you could select a popular tune which is personal to you. All the pieces  mentioned above work effectively when arranged for wedding quartets, trios or duos, and many are fine for solo playing as well. JB