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Interview about ‘Folk and Beyond’ Cello and Piano Sheet Music

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Kevin Mayhew Publishers has just released this interview about Folk and Beyond – my new cello and piano collection. I hope you like it:

All the music in the collection has been recorded and can be heard on the Kevin Mayhew website or on my Soundcloud site here: Folk and Beyond

If you have any questions about the music that aren’t covered in the interview please email at:

New Cello and Piano Sheet Music Published

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I’m excited to say that my first collection of cello and piano pieces – Folk and Beyond – has just been published by Kevin Mayhew. You can buy the music and listen to it here:
You can also listen to the music here:

Folk and Beyond is a collection of twelve new cello and piano pieces that would suit cellists from Grade 5 upwards. Re-imaginings of well-loved folk tunes sit next to characterful pieces with a strong sense of narrative. I have tried to combine the ease and spontaneity of folk music with the passion of the classical world.

I hope cellists will love playing this music. Please get in touch if you have any questions about the pieces.

New Cello Duets Published by U.M.P.

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New Cello Duets Published by U.M.P.

U.M.P. has just published three volumes of cello duets by Joanna Borrett, which can be purchased here:

Inspiration Cello! Book 1

Inspiration Cello! Book 2

Inspiration Cello! Book 3

Each volume contains four brand new duets.

 Book 1 is Teacher/Pupil duets for beginners, grades 1 – 3. They use beginner versions of col legno, pizz, left hand pizz, snap pizz, tremolo bowing, harmonics and open string double stopping to enhance the fun side of cello playing. The titles are:Coming Home, Lindy Hop Rock,Magic… and Smugglers’ Return.

Book 2 is for intermediate cellists, grades 3 – 6 and is in bass clef throughout, with the highest note being B above harmonic A. There’s lots of contrast – from tapping the cello at the start of ‘Lilliburlero’, to stamping in ‘Panache’ glissandi in ‘Sleazy’ and some ponticello in ‘Lament’. Both parts are of equal standard and the players take turns playing the tune and accompanying, making them a lovely start to chamber music playing.

Book 3 is for more advanced cellists, grades 6 – 8. They are mostly in bass clef and vary from the impressionistic ‘Summer Memory’ to natural harmonics and sweeping tunes in ‘Morning Prelude’, evocative Scottish lyricism in ‘Highland Meeting’ and simple fun in ‘Variations on a Christmas Carol’.

Joanna Borrett says: ” I am thrilled that U.M.P. has published these duets. I very much hope cellists of all standards will enjoy playing them. There is lots of scope for performers to use their imagination and all fingerings and dynamics are subjective,”


Inspiration Cello! U.M.P.

New Cello and Piano Recital Pieces

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We now have nine new cello and piano  recital pieces for sale on our website. This is an evocative collection of pieces, many folk inspired, and you can hear recordings of all of them on our website.

What standard is the music?

Three of the pieces – Panache, Over the Hills and Far Away and Sleazy – are around Grades 4 -5. The other pieces – Beyond Scarborough Fair, Morning Prelude, Lilliburlero goes Scots, Highland Meeting, My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose and Christmas Variations – are between Grades 6 – 8.

For more information…

If you’d like more information about the music just email

New String Sheet Music

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We have just added new string sheet music to our online shop. The new string sheet music comprises four cello quartets, two intermediate cello duets and one violin and cello duet.

The Cello Quartets

The cello quartets are Pirates’ Return, Poldark, The Magnificent Seven and a new composition called Together. All of the parts are of  early intermediate standard and all of the pieces are around three minutes long. Together uses the opening  notes from Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells as an ostinato theme.

The Cello Duets

The new early intermediate cello duets  Pirates Meet The Magnificent Seven  are an arrangment of the main theme of The Magnificent Seven and a duet inspired by the song He’s a Pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean. Both use easy but imaginative effects on the cello to bring the mood to life.

The Violin and Cello Duet

The violin and cello duet is of special historic interest. It is an arrangement of a short piece written by the legendary violinist Jascha Heifetz (under the name of Jim Hoyl.) Heifetz wrote this song – When You Make Love to Me Don’t Make Believe – after he bet one of his friends that he could compose a piece that would get into the top ten. Needless to say Heifetz won his bet. Despite this less than serious start, Heifetz plays this song with great tenderness…

New Early Intermediate Cello Duets

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Fedora Strings is now selling three new early intermediate cello duets for £6.99. The three duets comprise an arrangement of Over the Hills and Far Away, an arrangement of Basse Dance and a new composition called Sleazy.

The music is around Grades 3 –  5 . It’s the first time our website has sold music at this technical level and it’s an area we’re hoping to expand. And all the duets have character:
Basse Dance is lively and energetic…Over the Hills and Far Away is romantic…

...and Sleazy is jazzy…

Six great broadway violin and cello duets

You can view and  buy the music  here!

Cello Quartet Arrangements

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We have just starting selling cello quartet arrangements  at Fedora Strings.

What are you Selling?

We are selling a sheet music arrangement of two movements from Peter Warlock’s Capriol Suite: Basse Dance and Mattachins.This is one of my favourite string orchetra pieces.
The cello quartet arrangement is intermediate and effective. Click below to see the first pages of the scores:
Basse Dance Score Page 1

Mattachins Score Page 1

Free Sheet Music

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Free Sheet Music

At this difficult time, when the current pandemic  is making life so tough for so many people, we would like to help our customers. So we have discounted the price of our sheet music and are offering five pieces of music for the price of three. And we are also offering  free sheet music  which can be downloaded right sheet music

What free sheet music is available?

The free sheet music includes our arrangement of Look for the Silver Lining, by Jerome Kern, our arrangement of Scarborough Fair for cello and piano and some technical exercises for cello.

In the coming weeks

We hope you will enjoy playing our arrangements. And we will be varying the selection of free sheet music in the weeks to come.

free sheet music