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Classical performances of folk music

By December 19, 2012December 20th, 2017sheet music sales

Next year we will be focusing on classical performances  of folk music, using different aspects of string sounds to make our arrangements more imaginative.We love so much of the folk repertoire and feel there is plenty of scope to develop classically-based   versions  of  these well known tunes and that they are ideal for expanding the different effects you can achieve on  strings.

Varied approaches
But there are so many different ways of playing  folk tunes. My favourite recordings  include the interpretations of Russian folk songs by the great bass singer Chaliapin, violin versions of folk music by Heifetz  and Percy Grainger’s string orchestra arrangement of Molly on the Shore. There are also many traditional folk performers I enjoy -one of whom is Duncan Chisholm
duncan chisholm

Is folk music  more free? …
…well it’s more free in that there’s more scope for improvisation and most performers never use music. On the other hand, it is also far more repetitive and far easier technically – which has advantages and disadvantages.

You can only play as you are
Ultimately you can only play as you are, and for me classical performances of folk music for strings are the ultimate – but is good to borrow ideas and rework them in your own way. We already sell an album of six of our folk tune arrangements which you can find out more about here:

classical performances of folk music

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