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commissioning music for a wedding

Commissioning Music for a Wedding

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Have you ever thought about commissioning music for a wedding or special occasion? If so, you may have wondered about the cost, and  about whether you’d end up loving the music you commission.  Both of those aspects can be resolved to a large extent by discussion. And there are good reasons for at least pursuing the idea further.

Is commissioning music for a wedding a new idea?

The idea of commissioning music for a special occasion has a long, romantic provenance. Some of the greatest music ever written was composed for a special occasion. Why? Well music lasts forever. It does not age and can be constantly brought to life in vibrant performances and recordings.
commissioning music for a wedding

How does the process work?

Commissioning music starts by talking to us. We need to know the occasion the music is for and the duration of the piece. It’s also worth thinking about the the overall mood you would like the music to be and its technical standard.

What will the music sound like?

The recordings on our website give a good idea of how we write for strings. Many of our sheet music arrangements have introductions or middle sections  we have written ourselves. And we also sell our own original compositions.

We can create new arrangements too

As well as composing music we can create an arrangement of a piece you love – as long as it is out of copyright.

How long does it take?

It’ s impossible to predict exactly how long the process takes as every commission is different. The more notice you give us the better. As a general rule, new arrangements take less time than new compositions. And music you commission can be permanently dedicated to whoever you wish.

commissioning music for a wedding