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Music for Cinderella

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I went to a wonderful performance of Cinderella by  Ballet Cymru recently. I was especially impressed by the choreography and music, which had been newly created.
music for cinderella

The production was inspiring: the ballet was powerfully expressive and I loved the music , which was composed by Jack White:Rehearsing Cinderella

Using music to enhance a story
music for cinderella

Telling a story or having a clear feeling, image or mood that you want to express can be a great starting point for composing music . It can also be a fun way of improvising when you practice: Cinderella Music

Commissioning music

Ballet Cymru is an innovative company and I definitely recommend going to see them if they are performing nearby. The most comparable thing to the Cinderella music we have on our website is our music commissioning service: Gifts and Dedications

…and perhaps these opera cello duets, which have been arranged with the character of the songs very much in mind: Habanera Cello Duet

Music Success

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Roger has achieved music success by having his 15 Insect Songs accepted for publication by Spartan Press. The songs are based on a children’s story Roger wrote several years ago called The Quest for the Golden Orchid. The story features a bee called Hermia – and a variety of other insect characters- and their adventures in escaping dangers caused by pesticides.
music success

About the songs

The music is fun and imaginative in illustrating the different characteristics of the various insects. The number of solo voices or choruses vary per song and there is a violin and piano accompaniment.

” These songs are ideal for use in schools, ” said Roger. ” Each song works on its own with or without the book – or all the songs and the book can be combined to create a children’s musical.”
 music success

Find out more

 If you’d like to be kept in touch with up to date information about publication of the book and the songs please email Roger direct at roger.stimson@googlemail.com
And to find out how we can custom write and dedicate a piece of music for you, click below
Gifts and Dedications 


Composing String Music

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Composing music is something we spend an increasing amount of time doing. Our focus is usually string duets in their various forms.
composing string music

How do you start composing string music?

For me, the easiest way to start composing string music is to have a focused idea of a feeling you want to create, a mood you want to evoke, or a visual image. I then decide on the form of the music  – which gives a clear structure – and the key and  time signature. I have found that structure itself can be inspiring. Ternary form  and Variation form – for example – are ideal for creating short pieces of music in different moods. In  Variation form or in a Chaconne there is also given series of notes.

Trying it out

Trying out tunes on your own instrument and experimenting with harmonies on the piano is, for me, the next step. And have a good understanding of the instruments you are composing for, what sort of patterns lie under the hand most effectively, and what special effects can be achieved is also a huge help.

Some super new composed string music

The video above is an example of a beautiful string orchestral piece written by Andrew Lowe Watson – a composer and pianist I was at music school with.  It uses all the best traditions of string orchestral music and shows a deep understanding of string sound. I think it should be much better known.

We can write music for you!
custom gift sheet music for you

To find out more about how we can create you a string arrangement or compose you an original piece of music visit our  Gifts and Dedications page https://www.fedorastrings.com/gifts-dedications/

We are recording more arrangements and compositions this month and they will be added to our website in May. Meanwhile the following are good examples of our work:  Lunchtime Blues  https://www.fedorastrings.com/product/lunchtime-blues-5/, Scarborough Fair https://www.fedorastrings.com/product/scarborough-fair/, Variations on a Christmas Carol https://www.fedorastrings.com/product/variations-christmas-carol-violin-cello-duet/and Over the Hills https://www.fedorastrings.com/product/hills-far-away/

Christmas Gifts for String Music Lovers

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With December 25th  only five days away here are my suggestions for Christmas gifts for string music lovers:
gifts 2

christmas gifts for string music lovers

Finally, if you’re searching for a present for a string player sometime next year we now have a gifts and dedications’ page where we custom write music. Find out more here: