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More Narrative Playing

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Following on from the last blog here are some examples of more narrative playing – that is, where there is a clear interpretation that is full of ideas and imagination.

Example 1: Casals and Bach

In Casals’ heartfelt recording every note speaks with total convinction and spellbinding drama .

Example 2: Vilde Frang and Lawrence Power

The supurb soloists here respond  intuitively and expressively to create a fascinating musical dialogue that makes the music sparkle into life.

Duet Narrative

The cello duet arrangements of Puccini’s aria Your Tiny Hand is Frozen and Mozart’s Non Piu Andrai have a clear story line so lots of opportunities to play with narrative. You can hear and buy this music on the links below:

Your Tiny Hand is Frozen

Non Piu Andrai

Four Famous Operatic Arias arranged for Cello Duet