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Intermediate level violin and cello duets

I recently had an email from a potential customer asking about intermediate level violin and cello duets. She wanted to know which of our sheet music was the most straightforward and easy to play. She was also looking for duets where the cello had the tune quite a lot of the time.

The easiest repertoire on our site

I had a chat to Roger about this and we agreed that the easiest sheet music duets on our site are:
My Love is Like a Red, Red, Rose
Londonderry Air
Over the Hills and Far Away
All of these are in D major, are rhythmically clear, and share the tunes equally between the instruments.Other pieces that we sell in the easier range include:
La Cumparsita    and   Bridal Chorus

The violin has the tune most of the time in these two. So, if you are looking for a duet which focuses on cello, Morning Prelude starts and ends with a cello solo in natural harmonics. It is always possible to adapt arrangements and leave things out. In fact, almost every time we play a piece we make some change to make the arrangement more effective. It’s an ongoing process.

Contact Us

Please feel free to email or phone us if you have any questions about the level of our arrangements. There are many recordings and videos on our site which we hope will help you assess the standard of the music.


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