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Jerome Kern Violin and Cello Duets

We’re in the process of editing Jerome Kern violin and cello duets to sell in our online shop. The standard of the violin and cello duets is intermediate to advanced.The music will be added in around four weeks’ time. Jerome Kern’s music is now out of copyright and we can sell our versions of some of his most popular songs . These include Pick Yourself Up, Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man, I Won’t Dance, Long Ago and Far Away and Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. We’ve recorded all of these on our cd Moonlight and Music and they include ricochet bowing, col legno, slides and soaring melodies – many in the cello part.

Jerome Kern violin and cello duets

What was Jerome Kern like?

Jerome Kern was a small, enthusiastic man with a tremendous amount of nervous energy. He studied classical composition in Europe and America and had a more thorough technical and artistic background than many of his colleagues .
Despite being one of America’s best known composers of light music he was impressively modest. He once told an admirer: “The fact that the theatre going public likes my music is no credit to me. There are many other composers who write better music that the public doesn’t like.”

Romance and lyricism

Jerome Kern’s natural feel for lyricism and his ability to express romantic sentiments made his songs instantly popular. Their lyrics are easy to empathise with.You can buy our versions of his songs below:
Broadway violin and cello duets

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