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Violin and Cello Folk Duets

By January 1, 2013December 17th, 2017sheet music sales

Next week we start rehearsing violin and cello folk duets for our forthcoming series of Fedora Strings’ engagements and recordings.  It’s surprising how lost you can feel by missing  a few days of practice, although it never takes that long to be back to performance standard again.

Folk music  like Sir Roger de Coverley, Lilliburlero and Loch Lomond  dates back hundreds of years and no one is sure who originally composed the music, which makes you wonder what makes a song last for centuries.
Violin and Cello Folk DuetsLoch Lomond

One of the things I love about the arts is that it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what combination of factors does make something musical, intuitive, memorable and emotional. I  just feel lucky that there is so much wonderful music around and that we have so many opportunities to play it.

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