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Lunchtime Blues Sheet Music

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Our website is now focusing on violin and cello duet sheet music and cd sales and to launch our new look we’ve added Roger’s  Lunchtime Blues  sheet music to our music shop.  This fab short piece is very laid back and almost sleazy sounding. As long as you are comfortable sliding around on the cello it lies under the hand well.  It’s the sort of music you could almost play with one finger – almost.Lunchtime Blues Sheet Music

How did Lunchtime Blues come about?
So what inspired this composition? Roger writes: “It was a hot summer’s day. An old school friend, an artist and I had been walking around Peterborough looking at second hand books, drinking coffee and discussing philosophy. We somehow ended up in the garden of a pub by the river. An intelligent young lady was serving, her blonde hair reflecting the sunlight, her expression sultry.  No words passed between us and nothing followed from this silent encounter except the piece – Lunchtime Blues.”

pub pic