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flower duet sheet music

Flower Duet Sheet Music

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We’ve just added Flower Duet sheet music to our online shop.

The story of the opera
The music comes from Delibes’ opera Lakme, which is set in nineteenth century British India and concerns a tragic love affair. Lakme is the daughter of a fanatical priest and she and Gerald – an Englishman –   fall in love; but the pressures of their different cultures become too much for them and at the end of the opera Lakme dies.


The words of the Flower Duet
The flower duet appears near the beginning of the opera and is very romantic in mood, expressing none of the darkness that is to come.  It’s sung by Lakme and her maid as they prepare to bathe in the river, and the words are about their beautiful  surroundings – white jasmine, roses and birds singing…
Flower Duet from ‘Lakme’ by Delibes