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La Cumparsita

La Cumparsita Sheet Music

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Our filmed recording of La Cumparsita sheet music has just received 1000 ‘likes’ on You Tube. This great tango is immensely popular and our arrangement has now been viewed by more than 137,000 people.
Kirby Hall

We filmed the video in 2011 at Kirby Hall – a beautiful stately home owned by English Heritage.

About our arrangement of La Cumparsita

The setting for the film was a partly covered courtyard, which had caught the eye of one of our  Lux Technical film crew who thought it would be especially suitable for the character of the music. Today our sheet music arrangement of La Cumparsita is the most popular piece we sell, and it’s also one of the least complicated to play. Our aim was to project the darkness and sensuality of the tango mood. I hope we have achieved some of this.
La Cumparsita sheet music

La Cumparsita Sheet Music

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We’ve been delighted that our  sales of La Cumparsita sheet music are doing so well and that this piece is  proving so popular.  We starting selling some of our violin and cello duet arrangements on our website just a couple of months ago and the music is being bought by customers from all over the world, including America, Japan, South Korea, China, Italy  and Spain.  La Cumparsita is probably the most well known piece of music we sell at the moment and seems to be everybody’s favourite tango.
La Cumparsita sheet music

Editing the music
It took us ages to edit the sheet music and scores to ensure that they were completely accurate but  it was well worth the work.The string duo repertoire is very limited and we constantly aim to use the full range of violin and cello effects when creating our arrangements. We hope to be selling more string duo sheet music soon. You can buy our arrangement here:


La Cumparista

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We recently recorded our string duet of the famous tango La Cumparsita by Rodriguez. Here are Roger’s comments:

Music is not always beautiful. Music is real. It is alive. Music is something from the soul and any copy will not have the same vitality as an original idea.  When Jo and I rehearse  we are thrown into a drama. Do we agree? Do we argue? You will see this in the drama in La Cumparsita on our website video. First we argued, yes. Was it sexy? Was it sad? Well, we took opposite corners in this and fought it out; not with words, but in the performance.
La Cumparsita by Rodriguez

Following the violinists improvised opening there’s a powerful claim on the senses from the cello … how can the violinist follow this passionate cry? The violinist moved into the character then, not of the overbearing pride of the man – determined to assert himself at all costs – but as if seeing into the sorrow that the tango also depicts as the sad, haunted world of such a dancer. It was here that I found the soul of the music dwelt; always to be matched and occasionally mastered by the sensuous cello playing.  RS