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Intermediate and Advanced Violin and Cello Duets

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Our website specialises in our own original intermediate and advanced violin and cello duets and cello duets. We believe there is a gap in the market in this area of sheet music sales. Promoting string duets – by selling our own sheet music, and by performing and recording – is our aim.

Why intermediate and advanced violin and cello duets?

The music we sell is intermediate or advanced level. We want to maximise the different types of sound string instruments can make and this needs a certain level of ability. However, everything is written to be string instrument friendly. And there are some easier cello duets  in our collection.
easier cello duets

Our range of intermediate and advanced violin and cello duets

We sell over 60 violin and cello duets and cello duets. They are divided into seven categories. These are baroque violin and cello duets, classical and romantic violin and cello duets, folk violin and cello duets, broadway violin and cello duets, new compositions, cello duets, and easier cello duets.

Our violin and cello duet albums

In addition we sell four violin and cello duet sheet music albums. These are Six Great Romantic Violin and Cello Duets, Six Great Baroque Tunes, Six Great Broadway Violin and Cello Duets, Six Great Folk Tunes for Violin and Cello Duet. We also sell wedding collections for violin and cello duet: Wedding Collection 1 and Wedding Collection 2. All our albums are especially good value for money.
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Our style

We believe arrangements need to be imaginative to be effective. Character is our starting point. Every piece of sheet music we sell has been created and performed by us, so we know it works. And our website contains many of our recordings so you can preview the music before you buy.
intermediate and advanced violin and cello duets

Special effects

Our arrangements and compositions quite often use effects like tremolo bowing, ricochet, col legno and natural harmonics to bring the music to life. These techniques are not hard and are very good at enhancing the mood of the music.

New music

In addition to arranging music we have also composed some violin and cello duets and cello duets ourselves, which you can find in our New Compositions category.  These are also intermediate to advanced in standard.

La Cumparsita Sheet Music

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We’ve been delighted that our  sales of La Cumparsita sheet music are doing so well and that this piece is  proving so popular.  We starting selling some of our violin and cello duet arrangements on our website just a couple of months ago and the music is being bought by customers from all over the world, including America, Japan, South Korea, China, Italy  and Spain.  La Cumparsita is probably the most well known piece of music we sell at the moment and seems to be everybody’s favourite tango.
La Cumparsita sheet music

Editing the music
It took us ages to edit the sheet music and scores to ensure that they were completely accurate but  it was well worth the work.The string duo repertoire is very limited and we constantly aim to use the full range of violin and cello effects when creating our arrangements. We hope to be selling more string duo sheet music soon. You can buy our arrangement here:


Violin and Cello Duet Sheet Music

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You can now buy the violin and cello duet sheet music  of some of our music. Last week we launched a page on our website where four of our arrangements can be purchased. We decided to start by selling our versions of four of the works  we have made videos of –  Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, Summertime, La Cumparsita and Minuet and Trio –  and we hope to continue to add to the selection over the next few months.

As almost all the duet music we play is of our own arrangements we now have a  large repertoire, but it takes a surprising amount of time to translate these versions into completely accurate printed editions where everything has to be perfect. We tend to make so many changes as we rehearse that our own copies are full of changes and sometimes partly improvised.

The standard of the music is medium to difficult and you can hear all the arrangements  we are selling  by clicking on our  videos.