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New Cello Duets Published by U.M.P.

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New Cello Duets Published by U.M.P.

U.M.P. has just published three volumes of cello duets by Joanna Borrett, which can be purchased here:

Inspiration Cello! Book 1

Inspiration Cello! Book 2

Inspiration Cello! Book 3

Each volume contains four brand new duets.

 Book 1 is Teacher/Pupil duets for beginners, grades 1 – 3. They use beginner versions of col legno, pizz, left hand pizz, snap pizz, tremolo bowing, harmonics and open string double stopping to enhance the fun side of cello playing. The titles are:Coming Home, Lindy Hop Rock,Magic… and Smugglers’ Return.

Book 2 is for intermediate cellists, grades 3 – 6 and is in bass clef throughout, with the highest note being B above harmonic A. There’s lots of contrast – from tapping the cello at the start of ‘Lilliburlero’, to stamping in ‘Panache’ glissandi in ‘Sleazy’ and some ponticello in ‘Lament’. Both parts are of equal standard and the players take turns playing the tune and accompanying, making them a lovely start to chamber music playing.

Book 3 is for more advanced cellists, grades 6 – 8. They are mostly in bass clef and vary from the impressionistic ‘Summer Memory’ to natural harmonics and sweeping tunes in ‘Morning Prelude’, evocative Scottish lyricism in ‘Highland Meeting’ and simple fun in ‘Variations on a Christmas Carol’.

Joanna Borrett says: ” I am thrilled that U.M.P. has published these duets. I very much hope cellists of all standards will enjoy playing them. There is lots of scope for performers to use their imagination and all fingerings and dynamics are subjective,”


Inspiration Cello! U.M.P.