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Wadenhoe Church

Unaccompanied Bach CD

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I’ve just completed an unaccompanied Bach  cd of the first and third cello suites which will be released in July. These two suites are both positive and sunny in mood and have been a joy to work on. I think this music is wonderfully relaxing to listen to and has a great sense of overall balance and calm. I’m not sure quite how Bach achieved this. I’ve just read a book with extracts from his letters and it’s clear that his life was just as busy and stressful as most of ours are today.
Unaccompanied Bach cd


What did Bach write about?
Most of Bach’s letters are  formal, necessity communications rather than outpourings from his heart. He obviously expressed his feelings through music rather than words. You do get a sense of practicality and a down to earth approach to life though. Although well respected by his contemporaries, Bach was nowhere near as famous in his lifetime as he is now and only a fraction of his music was published.


Wadenhoe ChurchThe cd was recorded at Wadenhoe Church in Northamptonshire ( above) which is beautifully tranquil, has wonderful views of the Northamptonshire countryside and a resonant acoustic.

Recording string duets at Wadenhoe Church

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Roger and I have been recording string duets of our own arrangements at Wadenhoe Church and we are now selling these online. Wadenhoe Church is idyllically situated at the top on a hill – isolated from roads and noise.  Its atmosphere is tranquil and it is a beautiful place to work with excellent acoustics ; we are extremely grateful to the parish for allowing us to record there.
Recording string duets at Wadenhoe Church

Sheet music sales
Our violin and cello duet sheet music sales are going well – it’s quite weird that the internet has made it so easy and quick to sell to clients at the other end of the world – and we look forward to putting the recordings on line later this month.



Recording at Wadenhoe Church

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Last week Roger and I completed some new recording at Wadenhoe Church. We’ll be selling the sheet music arrangements of the music we recorded on our website as soon as we have time to edit them thoroughly. To buy our first cd click below:

About Wadenhoe
We  have very generously been allowed  to use Wadenhoe Church in Northamptonshire again for our recording session and it’s a venue we’ve come to love: the surrounding scenery is beautiful and the acoustic  excellent, but more than this, the church  has a feeling of rightness, balance  and harmony. In this way it reminds me of Bach’s music, and always helps me feel calm and regain  perspective – no bad thing when you’re about to embark on the stress of a recording session.
Wadenhoe Church
About the music
In the morning we recorded six tracks of folk music: Londonderry Air, Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair, Over the Hills and Far Away, Lilliburlero, My Love is Like a Red Red Rose and Dance to Your Daddy. In the afternoon we continued with four pop tracks: Eleanor Rigby, All You Need Is Love, One Day Like This and Songbird. Most of us know the names of the composers of the pop songs, but who wrote these beautiful traditional folk tunes ? Folk music is street music , but can these really be the product of ‘committee’ composing? Who knows?


Fedora Strings’ Recital

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Last week Roger and I gave a recital at Wadenhoe Church, near Oundle. We chose and introduced a programme of our own arrangements of duo music ranging from Mozart and Boccherini to Cole Porter and Gershwin, and included John Rutter’s royal wedding commission This Is The Day as we’d been asked to play something connected to the Diamond Jubilee.Afterthe concert there was food and sparkling wine so we could relax and chat with everyone. Wadenhoe Church is a joy to play in: I think it’s my favourite church in the world.