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Widor Toccata for string duet

Widor Toccata String Duet!

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Roger has just completed an arrangement of the euphoric Widor Toccata string duet. This famous composition was originally for the organ and, by exemplifying all of that instrument’s specialist characteristics, it creates a mood of grandeur and manic energy. It’s often used as wedding ceremony music for the couple’s exit. Making it work for violin and cello is going to be a challenge, and as usual it’s technically demanding, but I can’t wait to try it at our next rehearsal.
widor toccata string duet

Learning to use Finale Print
Over the last few weeks I have finally worked out how to use Finale Print myself and have now completed four duet arrangements – Gabriel’s Oboe, Time of My Life, Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair and When I Make Love To You (Don’t Make Believe) – a 1950s pop song written by Heifetz under the name of Jim Hoyl, which I love because it’s so sentimental.

This means our repertoire is expanding faster than ever before. Have you ever wondered how many marvellous pieces of music there are in the world? There must be  as many as the stars…