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Expressive string technique

By August 14, 2012January 4th, 2018sheet music sales

While driving to a rehearsal today  I was completely inspired by Heifetz’s expressive string technique when listening to a marvellous cd of his encore pieces, many of which were originally recorded in the 1940s. My favourite tracks were Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair and Deep River – both of which are full of intense, passionate slides. The cd includes Heifetz’s arrangement of White Christmas – the first time I have ever liked this song – and a recording of him playing a sentimental 1950s pop song on the piano that he wrote himself under the name of Jim Hoyl (see below) .

Piano or Strings?
As you can hear,Heifetz brings great warmth of tone to the piano – an instrument which I
think it is the best for just sitting down and enjoying playing music because it is so complete in itself.  What I miss on the piano though is the ability to slide, to crescendo on a note, or to do vibrato – all expressive string  technique that Heifetz uses superbly.
Anyway,  the Heifetz cd motivated me to write my own violin and cello duet arrangement of Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair which you can buy here:
Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair

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