custom gift sheet music for you

Gifts & Sheet Music Dedications

Custom written sheet music as a gift or dedication, for your occasion

Are you looking for a unique present for a music lover? We can create custom written sheet  music  as a gift or dedication  for your occasion – making this a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or wedding gift which will last forever.

  • Is your partner, relative or friend a string player? We can arrange a piece of music they love and dedicate it to them.
  • Are you a musician? You can perform music especially written for and dedicated to a friend for their special occasion.
  • Is your child or grandchild learning a string instrument? What better way to encourage them than by giving them  music which has been specially written for them.

It’s easy to find out more
Just complete and send the form below . We will then contact you to discuss everything in more detail. The fee for a three minute arrangement is around £150 . When the music is complete you will be posted laminated copies of the score and individual parts, with the dedication included, and emailed a file with pdfs of the music.

About your gift
We need a few weeks’ notice  because of the amount of work involved and only accept commissions of string duets and string solos as we need to play the music ourselves to check it works well. Arrangements must be out of copyright ( at least 70 years after the composer’s death), but almost all folk songs, nursery rhymes and Christmas  carols are traditional and have no copyright.

Want to know more? Just fill out and send the short form below and we will be in touch.  Or email or ring 07964 232654 . We will be glad to help you with your special occasion.