Habanera Cello Duet

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Cello duet score and individual cello parts, ready to print in pdf format.

“Habanera has well divided parts, giving each player some opportunity at melody and accompaniment. Various techniques are emplyed in the accompanying parts including left hand pizzicato and col legno. There is much scope for the melodic lines to be played out with full operatic aplomb!” Music Teacher Magazine, September 2019.
This music is also included in Four Famous Opera Arias arranged for Two Cellos by Joanna Borrett and published by SJ Music for £9.99p SJ Music

1 review for Habanera Cello Duet

  1. Barbara Tomlinson

    A fun arrangement with plenty of technical detail to keep both parts challenged while, at the same time, preserving the spirit of the dance.

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